Giving Opportunities

All gifts ensure that the mission and ministry of Shalom Spirituality Center will continue.

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How Can You Support Shalom? Consider One of These Ways . . .

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An Outright Gift: A donation of cash or securities. Benefits: Income tax deduction for the value of the gift, plus no capital gains tax due on appreciated property.

Memorials . . . and Memorial Mass & Social: A memorial gift provides a thoughtful and appropriate way to express sympathy at the moment and as a remembrance in the future. A notice will be sent to the family of the deceased. Annually, Shalom offers a Memorial Mass near the end of May to honor the deceased loved ones of Shalom friends and benefactors. To include your loved one(s), send your offering along with the name(s) of the person to: Shalom Spiritualty Center, 1001 Davis St., Dubuque, IA 52001.

Tributes - Donations may be given as a tribute to honor a relative, a friend, or business associate for any special occasion. This is a great way to celebrate the birthday, anniversary, jubilee, retirement, or other special event of a friend, or just to recognize their great work. This can be a great "alternative gift" when you can’t think of something they really need. Remember to provide the honoree’s name and address so we can send them a congratulatory letter. & is a new internet search engine with a unique social mission. It donates half its revenue from advertising sales to the charity its users designate. Select "Shalom Spirituality Center" as your organization of choice and our Center will earn approximately a penny each time you search the internet. You can use just as you would any other internet search engine, and it is powered by Yahoo!, so you get great results. It is simple.

CLICK HERE to visit GoodSearch or

1. Go to and type "Shalom Spirituality Center" in the section titled, "Who do you GoodSearch for? 2. Click the verify box 3. Begin searching the internet

You can also shop online at and a percentage of each purchase will be donated to our cause! More than 600 top stores are participating including Amazon, Target, Staples, Best Buy and more!

CLICK HERE to visit GoodShop

Birdies for Charity® Program
Birdies for Charity® is centered on the John Deere Classic PGA Tournament. It takes place every July near Silvis, Illinois. Participants pledge a specific amount for each “birdie” made during the tournament by the PGA players (a birdie is a score of one stroke under par for any golf hole).* After the tournament, you will be billed for the amount of your pledge. For example, if the PGA players make 1,500 “birdies” and your pledge is $.01 per “birdie,” you will be billed for $15. Shalom Spirituality Center will receive 100% of all donations, plus a percentage match from the John Deere Classic, which has historically been 10% or more.
Go to to learn more and download a pledge form.

The charity bird number for Shalom Spirituality Center is 1046.
* Or, if you would prefer, you can make a flat contribution when sending in your pledge to John Deere (to download a pledge form click this link Send your contribution (make check payable to “Birdies for Charity” to: Birdies for Charity, 15623 Coaltown Road, East Moline, IL 61244 and include Shalom Spirituality Center’s charity bird number: 1046).


Matching Gifts
Matching gifts are a great way to leverage the value of your gift into a greater gift.

Many companies have programs through which they will match the charitable contributions made by their employees. Through corporate gift matching, your employer can multiply your gift to Shalom Spirituality Center, making it go further. Check with your company's Administrative or Human Resource offices to see if they offer gift matching. If Shalom Spirituality Center qualifies, obtain your employer's Matching Gift Form, complete your information and send it to us. We will complete it and return it to your employer.

Foundation & Other Matching Gifts
Occasionally a Foundation or individual will grant a gift of a certain dollar amount if we obtain matching gifts from Shalom Spirituality Center supporters. If you are interested in providing a matching gift, call Sr. Marci Blum, Shalom Spirituality Center director, at 563.582.3592.


Bequest in your Will
Name Shalom Spirituality Center in your will.
Benefits: Estate tax deduction for the value of your bequest to Shalom.

Charitable Lead Trusts
Donors who have estates, which will trigger significant estate and inheritance taxes, should consider passing assets to beneficiaries through a Charitable Lead Trust. This Trust, established during the life of the donor or through the donor's will, provides for an annual payment to Shalom Spirituality Center during the term of the trust. At the end of the trust's term, the assets go to the non-charitable beneficiaries with estate and inheritance taxes being reduced or eliminated. Charitable Lead Trusts are often complex and involve special circumstances. In all cases, Charitable Lead Trusts will be reviewed by Shalom Spirituality Center’s legal counsel prior to acceptance.

Charitable Remainder Trusts
Donors may make an irrevocable gift to a Trustee with designation of Shalom Spirituality Center, Dubuque, Iowa as the charity (or one of several) that will receive the remainder as an unrestricted capital gift upon the death of the beneficiary(s). The trust agreement provides for the trustee to pay to the donor over the period of their lifetime or for a number of years established by the donor. These gifts often provide current income tax savings, capital gains tax savings, and they frequently save estate taxes too. Charitable Remainder Trusts enable donors who own highly appreciated low yield assets to make a gift and also increase their return for their lifetime.

A Charitable Remainder Unitrust (CRUT) provides for payment to the donor of an amount equal to a set percentage of the fair market value of the assets of the trust, valued annually.

With a Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust (CRAT) the annual income is established as a fixed sum (at least 5% of initial value) to the donor, or designee of the donor, at least annually. Charitable Remainder Unitrust pays a fixed percentage (at least 5%).

Shalom Spirituality Center will not accept a Charitable Trust for an amount less than $25,000 unless there is intent to add to the trust periodically. Beneficiaries with lifetime earnings must be of at least 60 years of age at the inception of the agreement. The expenses associated with establishing the Trust are the responsibility of the donor.

For more information about these or other ways to make a contribution, please contact Sister Marci Blum OSF, Director, Shalom Spirituality Center at 563.582.3592. For advice and assistance in making a planned gift, consult an attorney or another professional advisor. State laws affect wills, trusts and charitable gifts made in contractual agreement. The explanatory material given on these pages is not meant to offer legal or tax advice.

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